• What?? This thing is sweet and affordable!

    Who ever buys this PLEASE know there is someone out there who will buy it off you!!

    erickarpf at or arround hotmail dott com

    • Hey jeffe could you archive/way back machine the add for posterity while it's still here? What well written copy. Buy with confidence! Too bad I'm in NE

  • No Big-as hood snorkel?
    No electro-activated blower?
    Where does I put me double barrell shortie?

    -just a few bargaining points for me m8s considering purchasing this beaut. On the positive side the seller was smart to show that she can be driven by a moon boot clad or slightly disabled limping driver. Folks you're gonna need this one in our current and since Tuesday final pre-apocalypse days. Toecutter, Candelinni (Pre-amputation), and Mudguts wholly agree.

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