• What, the Crown Vic and Dodge Royal too plebian, or just too old? Had they really been on their game they would have ridden the Austin Princess all the way home..(rimshot) (Or, more befitting the theme it should be Pa rum pum pum pum)

    • They only had £3,500 to spend per car. And good luck finding a big hunk of American iron in the East for that kind of money. I'm referring of course to Top Gear and their Three Wisemen Middle East Special, in which they were challenged to drive from Iraq to Bethlehem, Israel. Curiously, (and entertainingly) James May thought it would be appropriate to festoon his Z3 with the decorations of a German scout car as they attempted to sneak quietly across Syria and into Israel. Israelis just love seeing tourists in Nazi war-wagon tribute cars trying to sneak up on their border from Syria. I'm sure BMW appreciated the nostalgia as well.

    • Basil Fawlty (whispering): "don't mention the war!"

      I like the really long chrome exhaust tips ( Italian car version of gold chains?)

      Dr.D bonus points for using the word festoon!

  • This thing is some kinda perforated. Or HOLEY keeping with the theme. 16k miles and it needs a new roof skin (or a patch job) and a whole bunch of small pactches. Or at this price fill the thing full of bondo and a cheap jet black paint job and run it till the rust makes another attempt on its life. Remove the engine and trans and stick it in a fiero and drive the everloving crap out of it.

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