• Nice write up, CFlo, and very nice installation. I was wondering if the padding you added makes the rollbar safe for non-helmeted use? It is the one thing that I dislike about traveling in my buddys' track-prepped cars: the idea of smashing my brains out on their rollbar while picking up groceries.

  • Good job going with the Blackbird bar! He was not making them when I bought my HardDog, but will grab one from him next go around. Fantastic quality, and I love supporting the little guys.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Bob, the rollbar isn't exactly safe with the padding since my head protrudes above the stock Miata seat headrest. If I were going to keep the stock seats I'd install some kind of additional headrest. The worst situation would be in a rear end collision where the driver's & passenger's head would snap back into the bar. My fix is going to be proper racing bucket seats that will have full headrests all the way up, and harnesses for track use.

    Miss Miagi t-shirt – interesting proposition…

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