• I've driven this car and can attest to its basic awesomeness. Runs and drives nicely, and offers all the things you'd want from a classic. The magic marker color isn't that bad in person and works really nicely with the rally lights look. Great find Mrs CFlo!

  • I always said to myself if a nice rust-free tii roundie in Golf with factory alloy wheels and sunroof, came up for sale that I'd buy it. Sure enough it did (minus the sunroof, but working factory A/C instead), and I'm glad to say I did (buy it). Great cars for sure!

  • Having owned an original near perfect 1972 2002 with a sunroof AND factory air…..and a swapped in 5 speed Gettrag I did to get rid of the slushbox (its only imperfection), I absolutely agree with the Mssus CFlo. Its a wondrous seating position and the cars even in factory drag stick to the road. Back in the day…….like the eighties when cars could be had I sold mine for $6,000 which I thought was a lot of money…but that car was definitely worth it. I regret I sold it..but I regret every car I sold!

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. The Mrs. and I appreciate it. I think you guys would probably crap bricks if I told you how cheap we got this car – it was seriously priced to move, and the seller knew it would be going to a good home so he ignored subsequent offers while we were still making up our minds. Just goes to show that the DT motto about the "other guy's money" will land you some sweet stuff if you know where to look, and are persistent.

  • I paid $4500 for my baby last year, not a Tii but I feel like I stole her. Again, the seller knew she was going to a good home. Great story! My wife almost understands my love for her now a year later.

  • You might be the first person online to ever use one of my photos and actually give me credit for it. 🙂

    That blue 510 was built by me, and was my daily driver for two years. Sadly, I let a friend drive it and he totaled it. I have since found another one in the same color combination/year/options and I am resto-modding it to be an almost exact replica of that car. I say "almost" because those were insanely rare wheels, and since they were destroyed in the wreck, I'll need to choose something else for this car…

    • John – no problema. Great job on the 510 and sorry to hear of its demise. Didn't realize that was a factory color for those, and nice that you are building another! Feel free to send some words / pics as a Reader Ride submission to tips@dailyturismo.com. We'd love to see more.

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