• Amazons are wonderful, tough cars with cool styling that never gets hard on the eyes. Haven't owned one, but I've driven a few both in Europe and the US. In many ways, they are reminiscent of a '53 – '54 Hudson Jet. Cool!

  • Gee the LAST thing you would spend money on are silly wheels, so this must have everything else taken care of , am I right?

    Hmm… apparently not.

    "Whenever I drive it, people honk, stare, point, etc." Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not so good.

    BTW have you ever noticed how many different songs are named "Ramona"? lyrics.com/lyrics/ramona

  • Wheels: ugly. Interior: trashed. Motor: not rebuilt. So, like 90% of CL vehicles, he is selling it, before another expensive repair pops up. Now, if you want a really cool Volvo, buy a 544 or a P 1800 !!!

    • $1000 would clean up that interior – new OEM rubber mats, door card and dash topper. Sell the fugly wheels and recoup some cash. Motor – may not need rebuild. These are bone-simple machines to work on. Offer $2500 and enjoy the ride.

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