• That's (possibly) a bargain. So why hasn't it sold in the past month (or longer)? I speculate that it's one of the following reasons:

    1) Most buyers don't want to deal with RHD in the US.
    2) There isn't as much of an off-road/Land Rover market in the middle of the country.
    3) There is more rust that can't be seen or some undisclosed mechanical issue.
    4) Most D90 owners don't use these off road and are looking for the pristine versions to prance around town in. Almost every D90 I've seen has never touched dirt. Same goes for MB G-wagens.

    If there really aren't any hidden "gotchas" on this one, it would be worth paying the shipping cost from STL to either coast. The market is strong enough (in California at least) to make good money on this after a little attention. These usually pull $35K-$50K around these parts, depending on mileage and condition. You could be all in on this one for $20K and have plenty of upside when you decide to sell.

  • Not so sure about the bargain part…..While not saturated, the market is starting to get pretty full with these RHD versions that have been imported under the 25 year rule by people trying to make a quick buck. Just here in middle TN, I can usually find 2 or 3 nice versions (much nicer than this one) on CL at any given time in the mid-upper teens.

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