• Looks remarkably similar to a 1937 Singer Sport which is also a 4 place roadster.
    [image src=" simoncars.co.uk/singer/slides/Singer%20Nine%201937%20Sports%20front.jpg" width="650px"/].

  • These are a lot of fun. My father worked for BSA, the arms division, for a while and a few of the employees had BSA cars and motorcycles.

    My father had an MGTD and with his size 12 shoes it was tight. He couldn’t get in this and I just barely could with my size 9.5’s. These made my lotus 7 feel roomy.

    Now if you can fit these are an absolute blast. Back roads only and you need to grease parts every other weekend. If the wood is in good shape and it looks as good in person seems like a good buy. Parts are not too hard to come by in the UK.

    • At about 6'3" with a size 12 shoe, I've come to realize that driving something like this BSA or an MG TC, TD, TF, or even an MGA isn't much of an option. I dig these cars, but I'll never be comfortable for even short trips. It's a bummer because I love the style and I don't mind slow, underpowered cars.

      The back seat in this BSA is strictly for baggage or kids under 5 (aka baggage).

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