• Even with "some reassembly required" this looks like a good deal on a 122. If that body is solid, you just be a few weekends away from classic motoring. Find a manual gearbox while you are at it.

  • Body looks really good. What would be the best Non-Volvo re-power to drop into this? Would this be an appropriate recipient for a Buick/Rover 215/3.5 V8? Or, is that narrow engine bay asking someone to take a Volvo/Yamaha 60-deg V8 mounted(the right way) into that skinny little engine bay??
    Those Yamaha V8s are always hooked up to front drivers, wonder if it could be hooked up to a rear mounted transaxle (Think early 60's Pontiac Tempest, or Porsche 928, or Corvette)? Nope, not a mechanic, or an engineer, but I am known for goading them into answering dumb questions like this!!

    • the Rover V8 is a not-so-rare swap in Europe, it's not that hard to fit. I'm swapping a 2.3-liter T5 from a first-gen C70 into my '67 122S, and that's a tight swap lengthwise. the inline 6 from the XC60/XC70 has the same length of a T5 so it can go well, too.

      as for the 60-degree transverse V8s, I'm not sure. the Yamaha V8 is not highly regarded among Volvo brick fans as it is considered fragile – same for the SHO V8. the Noble version of the Yamaha V8 has significant changes, such as a high number of forged parts. if V8 is a must, the 215 is the easy way to go… or the good ol' SBC.

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