• These things were the cat's ass when I was growing up. The really hot ones had the 455 cubic inch engine and transmission from an Oldsmobile Toronado in them.

  • I've realized that as I get older, Ferrari ownership becomes less and less likely for several reasons, but mostly cost. I think I could get onboard with a Ferrari replica if A) it was in excellent condition and B) the same purchase price wasn't going to get me something else I prefer. Unfortunately, this car doesn't achieve either for me. It's not bad, but it has needs (terrible LED lights and exhaust at first glance), and $6500 will get me all sorts of other cars I'd like.

  • I know this one is a disaster however I really like the wheels
    P.S. is a cat's ass a good thing?
    Dingo ate your Dino

    • +1 on the wheels. They remind me of American Racing "Daisy" wheels (one of my favorites) but with a more tapered spoke. Like a Daisy mixed with a Panasport or Minilite. I wonder who the manufacturer is/was. I'm guessing they're long out of production based on the age of the car.

    • sean scott said "P.S. is a cat's ass a good thing?"

      I dunno. Our cat seems to be awfully fond of them.

      -Stan (the *other* Stan…)

  • I had forgotten the Kelmark GT. Probably the most convincing of the near-replicas. Just the door frames that come off a bit heavy. Yes, this one needs to revert to the round rear lights that were on it originally. Seller has chosen strategic but odd camera angles, and some careful special effects. No interior photos, but usually that is the great let-down of these kits.

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