• I was not aware that the Gen 1 Granada was a descendant of the Maverick (and hence Mustang and Falcon). I found that the Granada felt large and heavy, sort of boulevard cruiser-style. The successor (Fox Fairmont) was a much nicer car to toss around.

    Nonetheless, this particular example is nicely equipped and looks very clean. Price seems strong for an un-wanted model. It is only missing the nice thick leather sport steering wheel that I used to scavenge from junked Granadas to substitute onto my Fairmonts. I still have one of those wheels waiting on the garage wall, they were that nice.

  • Boy is this weird….pretend youre driving a Boss Mustang while in reality your'e throwing Grandmas car around the corners………….the ways things are going somebody who wasnn't old enough to know how badly the seventies sucked from top to bottom, will glom onto this and think its great,

  • I thought all Grenada's had reported to salvage yards years ago, where 90% of them are still at rest after having given up their front disc brakes to first gen Mustang owners looking for better stopping power?

    • This may literally be the last one left. Weird to think that this big refrigerator of a car shares a common ancestor with the original Mustang and that they are very similar under the skin.

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