• Why do people do engine swaps without a detailed build thread? If you want to see any return document the process so we know what was done. Hell I'm rebuilding a $100 Le Car and I am documenting the whole dam thing: facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10213915570906120&type=1&l=f1cd7de39b

  • What, the one fuzzy, distant snap shot was not enough to go on? I figure peeps with the proclivity to stuff a diesel motor into clapped out Dodge Magnum is not spending much time with a thesaurus. Or spell check. Probably a vast number of "engineering" shortcuts abound.

    My overall hunch is that lumber plays some role in mounting the drivetrain into the wagon.

    The sight of timber in a car project usually kills the enthusiasm.

    Imagine "The transmission is kept in place with a pressure treated 6X6."

    The guy may be smarter than he appears to be.

  • Am the only one having a hard time believing this thing has a massive diesel engine, manual transmission and AWD? replying to ads like this has got to be the number one cause for someone else wearing your skin as a Halloween costume

  • I actually really dig the Magnum and was looking for a nice used one before I picked up my car a few months back. The problem was that they either had too many miles or was so pristine the owner wanted too much… much like the Caddy CTS-V wagons.

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