• Anyone see that bullet dent aft of the passenger door? Had this cream puff been a few years older the seller could have claimed it was used by Lee Harvey for perfecting his long-range bolt-action mastery. And why didn't the seller reveal the inherient armour-protection qualities associated with such prairie schooners?

  • I'd drive it right over to Mobsteel for a medium rod job and then drive it all summer long.

    My '96 Fleetwood Brougham was a beast of a car. It hauled boats and trailers with class. Lots of grunt from the 350. Smokey burnouts with the traction control off. Snow tires in the winter and she was nearly unstoppable. Miss that car…

  • Eh oh…dats what the boys an I like ta call a tre body trunk…note the extre strengt trunk latch and cigar ashtray in the da doors. Niiiice ride! Looks like der may be a bit a marsh grass caught in the brakes from the last "night out"!

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