• Excellent reminiscence from Hunsbloger (I never noticed there was a "G" missing). Thanks for a good read, a good laugh, and good reminder of how awful it really was in the "Malaise Era".

  • Excellent description of the sales tactics required to move those Pacers. The references to the heat reminded me of the Winnebago Man (angriest, polyester wearin',fly swattin'hungover in the heat salesman ever)

  • What great fun car and story line – a complementary write-up is offered by WIKI at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Pacer

    AMC certainly tried hard to be different and were probably just short of cash to really solve some probs. Alternate power source conceived included the rotary and electric – not bad for a car designed from the inside out – just seat four people & wrap them up – done, Greg

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