• The only way to pull this off is if you look like Miss Linda Vaughn.
    I just don't have the hair for it anymore.
    [image src=" legendsofnascar.com/Linda_Vaughn_Famous.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • Mileage isn't listed, but by the looks of the drivers seat they were many, or they were scary. Looks kinda like a lot of puckering going on….

  • I clicked comment with every intention of making fun of this car. But darn it, it seems as if it really could be a good time. But those stickers?

  • I remember the Players GM Series quite well. Our Formula Ford series used to run on the same cards once in a while. Great fun to watch.

    That was the same era that also produced the Porsche 944 Cup and the Honda Michelin series for stock Civics. It was a golden period for affordable showroom stock racing.

    You can keep all your high-tech "real" race cars. Give me 30 or 40 more or less identical cars, with dodgy brakes, skinny tires, and drivers with stars in their eyes. Woohoo!

  • Echo to Bobinott, this era of the Showroom Stock/Playboy/Escort/Firehawk Series was incredible. I was lucky enough to work for a west coast participant for a number of years during this time. We ran a eclectic mix; Starions (ex Dave Wolin, those cars would have made Smokey Yunick proud), Supras, Mustangs, Mirages, etc.

    Such a diversity of performance and such specials that came from the factories, notably Porsche's lightweight 944s, Turbos, & S2s, the above Camaro LE1, Mazda GTU-S, and others.

    The current Continental Challenge is good, but the cars are far from stock.

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