• The Euroweenies are so big on pedestrian protection that pretty much everything coming out of any automaker with pretenses of selling in Europe has a nose like it's spent a few too many years in the boxing ring.

    I've always thought that the Edsel design offered a very different solution to the pedestrian problem, or at least it would have had they designed the horse-collar grille to heat up to branding-iron temperatures.

    • Yeah, originally they were kind of the 'Edsel of bizjets' – that is, straight-wing and a notch lower in the market than the competition of the time, the HS125 and some of the Lears. They didn't have a big odd oval on the nose.

  • Put an oval on the front and you are headed down the fast lane chute of the junkyard's porta-john. Put TWO ovals on the front and people call them kidneys and you're suddenly a genius.

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