• Right, but I guess I want to be sure to get the 2000 mAh ones….. and not use the headlights too much.

      The truth is both better and worse than we might have thought. Looks like it is a lead-acid pack:

      [image src=" flexquarters.com/getmsm/ev/tropica/Tropica%202004_0304_112508AA.JPG" width="400px"/]

      On the flip side, who would like to suggest an ICE conversion? That battery pack kind of makes me think along the lines of a miniature Lotus Elan or a Miata set up.

  • If you are into that whole thing about cars having facial expressions, this would be "I can't believe I'm a car."

    I wonder if anyone has developed a kit to retrofit lithium ion battery packs into cars that were built with lead acid cells.

    designed by this guy

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