• THANK YOU!! The Laveda 750 was the bike that I drooled over as a teenager living in Switzerland ('70-71). I remember the tailpipes on the earlier bikes as being slightly more upswept (like the Norton Commando Roadster). They were glorious sounding when riding in the narrow roads, echoing beautifully off of buildings on both sides….

  • These are wonderful and exciting to ride. At the time a friend of mine had a Jota and an SFC while I rode a 750SS Duc. Believe it or not the SFC sounded better and was more painful to ride in traffic than the Duc.

    Yes it is pricy and then again what you get for the money in vintage bikes is so much more than with cars.

  • There use to be a Dealer in Fremont Wa back in the mid 70s the bikes were expensive then do remember they had a cam-valve issue that was fixed in later models. Dropped a Guy who had his melon saver with him and asked what he road and it was a Laverda and was in the shop and was not the first time.

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