• Oktoberfest is this weekend. I'm going there tomorrow. Also probably going to my parts guy's place for some E32 rear vented brakes to upgrade my 528e, also I want the trailing arms from that car. They've got slide-bearings instead of rubber bushings. Those will go on my M5 hopefully some time this winter. Also I plan on putting the rear tank back in my ramp truck and coming up with some kind of filler neck so I can double the fuel capacity. 18 gallons at ~10mpg really sucks when you've got somewhere to be. Might stop at Harbor Freight for another 212cc predator for my other doodlebug if I can find the time.

  • I believe I will be picking up my Citroen from the shop where it has been sitting patiently waiting for parts to arrive from France for like 2 blinky blanking months! Or more! France. It's good for some things. The story behind this travail may be the subject of a DT Radio show and/or I might just write it up first.

    • O yes it does – and, yes, the second one was in wrong too, so we made the right call

      they managed to move the seat back far enough, but now it's wobbly front to back 🙁 i asked for a bit more welding magic, or a block of wood or something – i'm a pretty big guy to be driving around in an iffy seat

  • I hope to:
    A – Fix a small leak in the muffler on the Westy, and
    B – Pull the front seats in the Amazon and put new webbing in, and
    C – Work the local farmers market, and
    D – Do some mural painting this evening, and
    E – Play some tennis before winter fully sets in in AK, and
    F – Move some dirt

    Fun times ahead.

  • Start excavating my garage so that I can eventually get to my toolbox. Its gonna be hot, so any attempt by my daughter to get me to go to the beach, may succeed! Oh, and shopping for a new beach chair, the old one's given out after 27 years.

  • Maybe C&C tomorrow if the weather clears up. We've had a run of beautiful sunny blue skies this week until today – typical grey and drizzly. If not, I have some coolant and oil changes that need doing.

  • Possibly cars and coffee this morning, then harvest some bananas in the garden and clean things up after the tropical storm(s). Then I'm to hang a bumper on an old Ford truck resto project, tram the Bridgeport in preparation for a sketchy wheel offset change process, then maybe put an aluminum radiator in the ute…just in time for fall.

  • Actually, you know what? I think I'm going to start seriously looking into becoming the Magnus Walker of the 996. There is a 1999 for under 10k on eBay right now AND it's already IMS/RMS post-op. Some well-placed fender fenestrations, flat orange or black wheels, maybe divide and discard the rear bumper cover along the crease, losing the black over riders at the same time; some yellow headlight film…drop the front 2" and the rear 1"… These things are too freaking cheap to not experiment with, right??

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