• Looks nicer than most. Why doesnt it have it's original plates if it is a one owner ( unless it went out of state and gave up the plates)? We on the West Coast are a little compulsive about that! Is the rabbit fur on the seats original? Pattern looks like it might be though. Can't rcall.

    • My original blue-plate '72 240Z had it's tags stolen in Hollywood in 2015. When I reapplied for replacement plates, I was issued standard white CA tags with a 6XXXXXX number. That's one possibility for this car.
      Or they moved, as you mentioned.

  • Why do people post pictures of their car for sale with the hood slightly open like that?

    1) It wont close?
    2) If closed it won't open?
    3) The shut lines show it is so out of alignment that the frame must be bent?
    4) The engine compartment is full of snakes, let the buyer deal with them?
    5) "I was adjusting the valves and dropped a tool into the engine and was so preoccupied with that and wanting to get rid of the car that I didn't even notice the hood was open"

  • Wow, tough crowd today! A clean original Volvo 122 for a reasonable price. Ask for a bunch more photos, and then get on the plane to SF.

    • There are more than you would imagine until you start looking for them and then you notice them all over. Birds eat the seeds and fly around pooping like, well birds, and the next thing you know, palm trees all over the place. An invasive weed for sure. Worse than eucalyptus. I mean I like eucalyptus except for the burn everything down every 30 years or so part. Palms are just plain ugly and filled with rats.

    • You should read this PBS article about SOCal palm trees if you REALLY want to become a Palm tree expert. A Brief History of Palm Trees in Souther Cali

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