• I really can't understand why the underhood looks like somebody used rack of 12 gauge wire to design a game board for of Shoots & Ladders, because those diesel mercedes only need like 3 small lengths of (preferably black) wire to run…

    Anyway….I hope there is a 1983 Benz 190E that has a 170ci Ford inline-6 cruising down the road.

  • Upgraded to 5-lug all around, 10" drums from a '64 Fairlane in front, 10" drum 3.00:1 Ford 8" rear axle (numbers matching)

    And what pray tell do the numbers match?
    I suppose it could be bad French for adding machine , but probably not.

  • So much work done but so much left to be done… Ugh. This seems like a "passion project" and the owner should basically give it to someone just in hopes that they'll finish it.

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