• Mandating “serious buyers only” seems unnecessary since I don’t expect to many tire-kicking joy riders will have much interest in this rocket ship. Buy it and park it in the faculty lot of your local community college to give the place some academic cred.

  • Wow, that is clean. That's really hard to do with a diesel. If you reach into the engine bay of mine, you're already filthy.

  • Eat your heart out Greenwich; there, I said it.
    *this BMW would accelerate 0-60 mph in 13.7 sec, 0-100 km/h in 14.5 sec and quarter mile time is 19.6 sec.

  • I can't imagine how much faster the automatic shifts now that the console is wrapped in "carbon fiber".

    But seriously, this is a pretty nice car that I didn't even know existed. I'd keep it as it is and enjoy the rarity and forgive the sloth-like acceleration.

    But if I owned it, I'd just tell people I have a turbo BMW. No need to mention the diesel part. I'd cruise the streets looking for someone in a 240D that wants to race.

  • I used to own one of these. While obviously not fast compared to a gas-powered BMW of the era, compared to the other similar diesels of the era (such as the W123 300D turbo Mercedes, which I also owned), it was a rocketship, and it handled worlds better than a comparable Benz, basically just like any other E28 BMW. It’s too bad BMW didn’t import more of them because they were quite nice for a 1980s diesel, but because they’re rare in the US, the diesel-specific parts are tough to get and pricey—some have to come over on the slow boat from Deutschland—but many other parts are shared with other E28 models and readily available.

    I sold mine to some guy in Seattle several years ago who was excited enough about buying mine that he flew down to my hometown in Northern California and drove it home. But for the fact that mine was a different color, I’d be wondering if this Seattle seller was actually selling my old car!

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