• Unpronounceable? You mean it's not pronounced "Exerahty?"

    That's one of the cleanest ones I've ever seen, regardless of how to pronounce the name.

  • These cars were fantastic race cars! Check out this intense battle between Steve Soper and Andy Rouse at Brands Hatch 1988.

    • That's some great head-to-head stuff right there, and no traction control! Loved that track when World Superbike used to race at Brands. Awesome stuff.

  • I flirted with buying one of these many times in the early 90's….they were serious fun, and it's the most turbo lag with the most abrupt onset of boost that I've ever experienced in a stock production car, and that includes a brief stint as a Saab Viggen owner.

    • I sold these new in 1985 and 1986, turbo lag was not too bad. I sold the dealers 1986 Mustang SVO demo that he was driving. Now there is a car with some serious turbo lag. One time I floored it from a stop sign and got to the other side of the intersection before the turbo finally spoiled up. No wonder that we sold so many 5.0 litre Mustangs.

  • My uncle was hired to drive one of these in the 1985 One Lap of America. He remarked that it was fairly comfortable and not to buzzy for the first thousand or so miles but that after that…

  • He has only owned it since the beginning of the year and looking to flip it already. Here is another one with more updates and better updates and long term owner. ebay.com/itm/1986-MERKUR-XR4TI/401845736844?hash=item5d8fdf558c:g:erYAAOSwaZRdUan3

    • Yeah, the whole line of "I've owned 9 of these…" (and I've resprayed and am dumping this one) does not inspire confidence. It's a beautiful car and I've always liked XR4Tis but this deal just smells a little funny.

  • No expense spared on upkeep but the cruise doesn't work. Maybe he should spend some money on that?

    Those shiny rims and chrome tip on the exhaust look terrible.

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