• This would be a great choice for the upcoming Lemons Rally, heading from Monterey up to Seattle this August, and back.

    I also feel it prudent to point out that Ash drove a '73 Delta 88 in the Evil Dead movies.

    [image src=" bookofthedead.ws/website/images/props_ed_ed2_car_screen.jpg"/]

  • Hello, my name is Tompall and I live in seattle. I found this website/post online doing some research seeing as I just bought this car. I've known the family for a long time and got a really good deal. I am thinking of putting some work into her and maybe even a car show or too. I've never owned a classic with this low mileage and this original. Any ideas what I should or shouldn't do, especially under the hood, seeing as most the exterior and interior are in pretty good shape. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way I will get rid of the tint, but a hair dryer? is it really that easy?

    • Tompall,

      I wanted to buy that car! I've been looking for one forever! If you decide you don't want to keep it, let me know. I am the VP of a classic car club, I own a 1972 Olds 98, a 1948 Ford and 1951 Ford as well. I will take great care of it if you decide to sell.

      Please let me know! I'm just down in Oregon. 503-883-1846, or email me at revanoff2[at]gmail.com.


    • Tompall,
      Glad to year you picked up such a beauty — with regards to tint, the best thing that works is one of those cheap clothing steamers that are supposed to steam clean wrinkles out of clothing that is on a hangar…but they work great for removing old window tint.


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