• Seriously – you can't get a much cooler/prettier classic for $5k these days. I did just find a '71 GT for $3995; better color, but needs a bunch more work. Claimed one-owner being sold by a dealer.

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  • Love the color. When I was a child on our farm my grandfather had 3 GMC CCKW army surplus trucks all painted this color. I think he had a couple 50 gallon drums of paint this color that trucks, tractors, houses, signs, and anything else that needed paint got covered with. Love that color.

  • Looks suspiciously like the one I picked up after seeing it here a couple years back; I honestly had to do a double take.

    Yeah, my seller said “no rust”, also. And the rockers and doglegs were totally shot, underneath the very pretty, very convincing fiberglass work. Bring a magnet with you, is all I’m saying.

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