• Hmmm…. reverse lights (on both sides of license plate) are not stock Mera (see photo). Previous owner might just have put black lenses over the stock ones, though.

    [image src=" pontiacfiero.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/88mera2.jpg" width="400px"/]

    Real MERAs have an identification sticker (paper). Really surprised owner didn't show this in photos.

    MERAs with T tops are CRAZY rare. There are guys that do this aftermarket. You can check if it's stock at:

    Fiero T Top Registry

    The odometer is what gives me pause… average 833 miles a year?

    -Stan (…yeah, *that* Stan…)

  • In the 2nd photo the rear wheel looks cambered in – like the opposite of 'stanced'. It also looks like it's sitting too high in preparation for a flood.
    Were this a manual with a less grey interior I'd be gathering the funds right now both for purchase and for some 17" throwback lace style wheels:

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