• Matt Foley approves
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  • Matt Foley lol…every time I think this is it….I'm done…..I think of this. I pick mahself up and wash mahself with a big stick

  • nice little RV, too bad there is no pic of the roof raised and showing the condition of the 30 year old canvas. The good thing is that it is defintely not a FWD as stated and could be used with any of the other small pick ups of the era with a V6 and a little more power and bring a boat.

    • Thanks for that comment. I didn't realize that these were pop-tops. Here is a photo of a similar unit (not this vehicle), with the top raised:

      [img] i.ebayimg.com/images/g/qEoAAOSwRLZT89Tn/s-l400.jpg[/img]

  • Cute as these "RVs" may be, they have a bad reputation of breaking the rear axles. It's not really a Toyota problem but more related to how the much weight the aftermarket mfr's placed on the axle.

    • Having been to numerous third-world countries and seen how these Hiluxes get loaded and used, I have trouble believing there is anything the axles couldn't handle.

    • The PDF linked above discusses a full-floater axle retrofit, which should be enough to last until the last human is gone and families of five-foot-three cockroaches are looking for a way to travel in relative comfort.

    • Pretty sure that problem was only the larger camper models, with dual rear tires inappropriately grafted to the single wheel axle. The PDF says 1977-on.

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