• Beautiful engine that alone is worth the price of admission. Ditch the front seats (and small hound) and upgrade to power disc brakes and enjoy the ride.

  • The young folk don’t realize that well designed drum brakes don’t really need a power assist since they are what they call “self actuating”, and they will stop just fine. Extended periods of slowing down, well yes they suck at that, and they don’t work so well going backwards either. The backwards thing isn’t too much of a problem – at though I remember some excitement parking in San Francisco and in Topanga canyon in a 69 Chevrolet convertible with drums all around.

    Actually the hidden gas cap behind the rear license plate dumping all the gas on the ground when parked pointing up a steep hill was somewhat more worrisome now that I think of it.

    • My '66 Dart stops just fine with non-power discs on the front. Granted, they're discs off a '79 St. Regis that had to have weighed over a half-ton more, but still, it works pretty well. Better than the allegedly power brakes in my '94 Ranger, in fact… maybe I should check if the truck's brake booster actually works.

  • I had a '67 Country Sedan for a few years and wish I still owned it. I had it repainted a nice bright-ish red color which suited it nicely. Just a massive car that could haul lumber and always made people smile out on the road. Sadly I didn't have the wrenching skills to maintain it affordably and I sold it to a friend about 15 years ago. I'd like to think that somewhere the Red Zeppelin still patrols the upper Midwest to this day.

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