• Some unusual choices have been made here.

    I think the lower front valence is from an Eta (diving board bumper) version car. This car is a later short bumper (88+) car.

    Also strange that the dials have been 'upgraded' to have th silver rings and red needles. In E30s only the M3 had red needles, all the other cars had white speedo needles.

    Also you have a stock steering wheel when you could easily source the M-tech I or II on the web.

    With both 4wd and the extra weight of the wagon, I'm guessing this one is less spry than what most E30 enthusiasts, myself included, are used to.

  • AWD but no heat? Not the ideal winter car. Actually, as much as I like these BMW wagons, I would prefer a regular RWD version. Lighter and nimbler, to my way of thinking.

  • AWD and AC should be mutually exclusive. Anywhere where you'd need AC you shouldn't really need AC, Jersey is a place where I'd rather have AC than AWD. The blower on these cars is easy, it's a squirrel cage behind the panel on the passenger side fire wall. You can see the panel in the picture. For 13 large though it should really already be done.

    • I don't know about that.

      As I live in Winnipeg, which is just north of North Dakota we can get some extreme weather. Our summers get as high as 35C (95F) with humidity on top of that, and our winters get to -45C (-47F) with windchill on top of that. And we often deal with strong winds and snowdrifts. AWD and AC is definitely a necessity here as most people here can deal well with either the hot or the cold but not both. I for instance can handle the hot ok but not the cold and my dad is the opposite. If we were both in a vehicle we'd definitely prefer it in the moderate temperature zone. And AWD is a must given we can get heavy snowfalls and blowing winds and drifts.

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