• There's more mystery to which Cobra kit this one is, than what you'll be eating when you buy Krablegs at your local grocery store. How would you ever know where it came from, unless you were as fortunate, as this seller is, to know a 'body guy', who not only could tell at a glance that its from the best one out there, but can also vouch for this one not being crap! Besides, how much could all the bits and pieces you'll need cost anyway?

    This might be a good time to ask for comments naming all of the Cobra Kit manufacturers.

  • Just needs finishing like the vatican is just a building

    I don't like that the body does not have a gelcoat on it. I did mold fabrication for years and a gel top coat is what hides the fiber weave and allows the body to be blocked sanded before the primer.
    This looks like way too much work.

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