• This car was stretched to make more cargo room for the kilos of cocaine.

    It's already located in Los Angeles. Who should buy this and make a build of it… Magnus Walker (Urban Outlaw) or Rob Dickinson (Singer)? Or ship it to Japan for Akira Nakai (RWB)? Somehow, I could almost see that last one happening. Only 365 days until SEMA 2019. There's still time.

    Stan is spot on with $245.00. At that price I'd be there today with a trailer. But for $246.00 or more, no deal.

  • Ahem, please keep your negative opinions to yourself. Also please do NOT try and help the seller sell this car. The historic accolades and pedigree of this creation will sell itself.

  • Driving the 917 was an encounter that is best depicted as being from a different universe. "The vehicle was a beast" portrayed Vic Elford; one of Porsche's top dashing drivers. used car dealerships near me

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