• Here's a fun article: Vintage Gas Guzzlers Riper for a Battery Powered Reboot – nice photos, pithy blether – Stag, Trabant, Scorpion, etc.

    1970-78 Triumph Stag — There is no list of world’s worst cars that fails to include the Triumph Stag. It’s a shame, really; the Stag’s reputation for reliability, or profound lack thereof, has obscured its aesthetic goodness, which is considerable. The big semi-convertible was created to compete with the vaunted Mercedes SL and, like most Triumphs of the era, arrived with a gorgeous shape penned by Giovanni Michellotti, whose previous efforts included the Ferrari 166 MM and the BMW 2002. It’s handsome from the outside and handsome from the inside, and it drives well, too. When it drives, that is. Unfortunately, the car’s Triumph-designed 3-litre V8 was a bona fide disaster, and as a result, the general public remembers the car in much the same way it remembers New Coke and Microsoft Bob. But there is a solution: excise that woeful engine, transmission and fuel system. What’s left? The good stuff.

    [image src=" ichef.bbci.co.uk/wwfeatures/wm/live/1280_720/images/live/p0/2r/xf/p02rxfps.jpg" width="300px"/]

  • I actually saw this ad last week on CL and thought "I could be into making a bad decision today." Then I saw it didn't have a motor and realized just how bad of a decision this would be.

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