• I've always loved the 3-wheeled Morgans, both original and reproduction. Not familiar with this design though. Is this one of a kind or is someone making a kit for this kind of drive setup?

  • There are reverse kits for big bike like the Honda VTX 1300 this is built off of. My concern is if the front steeringsuspension are correct. Could be a scary ride if not…

  • Agree on the front suspension/steering design. Easy to make a mistake with that.
    His welding looks good, and the finish looks nice. The dead-front image looks like I could almost blow it up and then calculate rolls centres, etc. But I'd still want to see his drawings.

    I've spent some time looking into tadpole three wheelers, and the key point where I disagree with many people is driven wheels. We've all read so many car magazines and books that we know rear drive is "best" for a four wheeled car. Well, with only three wheels, the rules go out the window. You want front drive. Front drive and sticky tyres, and it goes exactly where you point it. The rear wheel just holds the tail off the ground. Because it is a small light vehicle with a light engine and not much torque, you don't have significant torque steer problems to worry about.

  • It looks fairly well designed from the photos provided. I can't see where the driveshaft is supposed to go, and there are no clear shots of the rear. But the front suspension looks good with its short/long A-arm setup and roll center between the chassis and the ground, from what I can tell. Bump steer seems like it would be minimal due to the rack's location coincident with the lower control arm and tie rod ends about the same length as the LCA.

    • Gawd I love it when you talk technical! 😉

      But seriously, thanks for those observations. So is this a kit or did someone just get really good with CAD and a welder?

  • From mfr. website- The Bespoke Motoring Experience of Vanderhall delivers a fitted accessory to motoring as extension of who you are.
    This is a joke, right?

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