• My favorite picture is of the laptop on the front seat. This type of shot is usually someone tuning their mega-squirt system on their 2JZ Supra, trimming the fuel levels and adjusting boost.

    This laptop looks to be on a baking recipe page.
    This creation and it's saw blades are awesome

  • It is quite impressive that the builder got this far before thinking about how to cool the engine. Almost as impressive as using a Subaru rear end, which is an ingenious solution to a problem I can't begin to imagine.

    I guess that this would work to hide the cooling system
    [image src=" clublexus.com/forums/attachments/lx-3rd-gen-2008-present/300552d1381159800-2013-spindle-grill-possible-on-our-2008-2012-beetle-rollsroyce.jpg" width="400px"/].

  • Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle. I've never seen an air cooled LT-1 before…

    Guess that's why the hood is off. Better cooling.

    -Stan (who is thinking the Flintstones floorpan removal mod might work for this car, too…)

  • It can't be all bad… It's comes with a c-clamp and a trailer hitch – everything you ever wanted for your Bug. "What could could possibly go wrong?"

    Do you think it's OK to drive home to Iowa?

    • big deal about the c clamp probably just needs welded or a bracket made not a deal breaker.this is an engineering masterpiece.i can't think of a more challenging project for a weekend warrior.give the guy some credit.

  • for cooling you could mount this puppy on the roof: [image src= drivetribe.imgix.net/QVo754iaTx6Qvl0H2qvLDw?w=1400&h=1050&fm=pjpg&auto=compress&fit=crop&crop=faces,edges width="400px"/]

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