• So its an ad for a muffler shop, and it presumably has no mufflers before those stupid stacks. Yeah I know it petty but, in a POS old truck with the doors and tailgate welded shut and bumper/fake exhaust combo that would do horrible things to a pedestrian, the thing that I find lame is the bro truck stacks. They're like chrome douche flags. Sorry, rant over.

    Otherwise yeah if you owned a muffler shop it looks like fun. Especially cause if you own a muffler shop you could fix the exhaust so it comes out the exhaust of the big fake muffler. It just seems so obvious.

  • I remember seeing something like this before.

    [url] dailyturismo.com/2015/08/silence-of-cans-1980-dodge-ram-d50.html[/url]

  • Not that I really need to know, but HTF does one get in an out of it? What is the weight? $4800?

    I will now muffle any further negative comments. This thing just leaves me baffled.

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