• Thelackopunctuationcombinedwiththestaccatosyntaxmakesforamildlyinterstingreadinandofitself.

    Octane booster? Or would 93 do the trick?

  • BTW if you want to buy a mid engine car that was the last car approved by the founder of an eponymously named car company and designed by Pininfarina you are pretty much stuck deciding between Soichiro Honda's Beat or Enzo Ferrari's F40.

    Lets see, a beater F40 or 400 Beats. ( I kid, obviously the Ferrari is a more practical buy, have you seen the price for a 400 car garage much less the cost of suing the local HOA? )

    I don't know which is more giggle provoking , the fact that the math just worked out that way or imagining inviting 399 of my closest friends to help me go on a drive with my 400 Beats.

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