• I'm calling Collusionon! Bullsh*t this is Alpine, NJ!
    This is definitely located in Mother Russia!
    What an outrageous build. Fantastic if you were smart and crazy enough to work on it.
    Not going to mention the foamcore and hot glue box on the dash.

  • Whenever I've read an ad where the seller says they've only "picked it up a few weeks ago", coupled with something like, "if it doesn't sell I'm perfectly happy to keep it and fix it up over time", I always get the sneaking suspicion that they realized they bit off more than he could chew after the fact….

    • You are not alone, there is something fishy about this. If I bought it I would convert the dash box to be an aquarium so I could take my pet fish on the craziest ride if it's life.

  • Is the clutch the only thing that is toast? Maybe the transmission is done also. No way to tell without a working clutch unless you pull it.

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