• I like the idea of a small sports car with a big V8. It looks like it could be a lot of fun to drive. However, the details look lacking. I'd spend thousands working out the stance, exhaust, wiring, panel gaps, convertible top and boot…all trying to match the high price. Maybe negotiate much lower and just drive the snot out of it as-is.

  • Its not stock, its bow-tie powered, I figured the 'gills' were an homage to the '67 Corvette? Agree on the mufflers needing to be further modified to be hidden better. Can't imagine the trunk is being used for much and could make a good home for a stealthier exhaust. They didn't run it hard in the video and looked like it might have scraped going into their garage.

  • The additional weight of the iron block V8 would absolutely corrupt the otherwise fine handling handling of the TR6. I'd be singing the praise of a aluminum block LS1 swap, but this ain't one.

    If inline sixes appeal to you, a BMW M-swap seems copacetic:

    • Upon further review, and as a TR6 owner myself, I've gotta give the builder props for restraint. The hood scoop is amazingly low profile compared to other V8 conversions (I hate hood scoops on British roadsters) and he didn't overly personalize the body; it's largely stock. The dash is now zebrano wood but otherwise adheres to the original design which is a good one and the interior is factory. It might not be the sharpest tool for SCCA cone dodging events but it otherwise looks like a good vehicle for getting places in a hurry. With stock TR6's fetching $20k, this isn't entirely an unwarranted price for this one IF you were already considering building one of your own.

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