• LSX, manual transmission, and no T-tops to leak… that's about the perfect way to put together a 3rd generation Firebird in my books! Though I'd want the back seat myself, and if I really wanted to quibble, the nose cone seems to have a bit of damage.

  • I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure the shoulder belts aren't supposed to go over the headrest. Hopefully that's just a photo staging thing and not the real way they fit. Also, it might be the angle of the sun, but the car almost looks lifted all around, to my eyes the third gens look much better lowered a little bit. Can't argue with that engine though!

  • This was my car and my pictures when I was selling it. Why would someone take my pictures out of a Craigslist ad and write an article about it, without consulting me first?

    • These are my pictures. Not intended for someone to take. Also, this article was written without any true knowledge of the car. I'm trying to understand why someone would write this article. Don't care for your smart comment.

    • sanity check: "unknown" and "anonymous" seem to be the *same* person, but "anonymous" and "anonymous" seem to be two *different* people

      obviousness check: on a site where we present and discuss cars that are for sale, we presented and discussed a car that was for sale

    • oh, and…

      kumbayah check: we liked the car, said nice things

      click the "manifesto" link over there on the right, it should clear things up

      peace, out

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