• That guy you described above…bought this car because something deep within him was stirred when he heard that this T-Bird featured a rim-blow horn. Sitting in his driveway, alone with his bowling trophy,a bellyfull of whiskey sours, listening to Bread's "Baby I'm A Want You", is not what he had in mind.

  • So tires are not included in the deal? Or do you come and check out the car and when you buy it he throws some dry rot cooper cobras on it? Strange statement.
    Like the car though. I would totally drive this with a plaid dress shit with my tie tucked in, commuting through the San Fernando smog to my stereo hi-fonics store on Victory BLVD.

  • In anything other than baby puke brown, that would be a great cruiser! Maybe I could save up all my pocket money and spring for a rattle can black paint job?

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