• I found you a Trans Am:

    LT1 Trans Am

    Or a rather sketchy BMW M3.

    M3 with some assembly required

    And this might violate the safety rule, but it sure looks like fun.

    Street legal dune buggy

  • I was going to suggest an Alfa, but there doesn't seem to be any for sale in the entire state of Missouri (at least on CL).

    So how about this 1985 944 for a $6,500 ask?

  • A 924S or 1985.5+ 944 would be at the top of my list if I could count on their reliability. From everything I have read, I cannot.

  • Also meeting my criteria are early 986 Boxsters, going for NB Miata prices. At one point, there were some breaching $4,000 that needed "slight body work." Nothing a simple junkyard run can't fix, am I right?

  • I'll sell you a pretty sweet Peugeot Mi16 for $900. And by sweet I mean somewhat rusty and straighpiped with no A/C.

  • Not so sporty (yet) but you'd have a nice slush fund to call up IPD and start modding this '89 240 wagon (manual!).


    But this is nice too, '04 RX8 – won't see one of these everywhere and yo'u work out that bored self in no time.


    Or this – Manual, V8, convertible, and even a back seat, '03 Mustang GT.


  • They're getting really really hard to find, but how about an unmodified S13 or S14 Nissan 240SX SE? Or by the same token, an unmodified 2nd gen Eclipse turbo AWD? Hold either for 5+ years and I predict you'll see some value appreciation.

  • American muscle, Fast & Furious-era imports, and a few gorgeous Europeans. The gang's all here, and not a bad apple in the whole bunch. I'm in good company here at DT. Any of these would bring joy back to my commute.

    RX-8s and New Edge Mustangs have been on my short list, along with 2G Eclipses and the 1999-2000 Civic Si which are both very difficult to find in good shape (or without a tan interior). John, I can't believe you found a stock S14. Nice work.

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