• That is something else!! My first thought was "which way does it go?" Drums in the front and discs in the rear will make for some fun times.

    • Echoing the question of "which way does it go?", let's quote the ad: "The transmission shifter shifts backwards because the cable is too short to hook up normally."

      I say get a swivel seat so the driver can turn around and shift regularly. No harm in that, even if it means you're looking out your rear window to drive. I think whoever built this probably can't see straight anyway, and it probably doesn't matter which way they face to drive this beast.

  • Seagrave engines are amazing things, designed to run for days at full power, and I love the idea of building some sort of a hot rod around one because it would be a tad more sensible than a tank engine or an Alison. This on the other hand, is amazing but not in a good way.

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