• I like Audi but the upkeep is a major concern the latest models seem to be less trouble prone or maybe they have not hit the expiration date for failure prefer Jap or Korean models. Kinda of shame very few station wagons left if any Domestic along with Domestic Vans all are imports from Europe, Korea & Japan.

  • I don't trust Audi / VW for reliability (after owning a few) and I am starting not to trust BMW as well (currently own two that need constant attention).
    how about one of these?
    [image src=" s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/6d/c6/e6/6dc6e6592a40ad4f8263c13adb067105.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • Sean-have you had any luck finding any TSX's? I was considering the TSX when I bought my Passat wagon. My wife has not been a fan of the DSG in the VW (which was why I tried to find a 2010 instead of a 2009(but that's an argument, I mean discussion, for a later therapy session) which has made me want a TSX even more than before. Just imagine, in about 6 years, we should all be fighting over the Buick (one year only) Regal Wagon and cursing GM for having sold Opel.

    • I have found some but they sure hold their value. Good ones look to be above 15k. I really like them though. They must be fairly rare.
      Our household had 2010 VW TDI sportswagon. It was so plagued with issues that I sold it for pennies on the dollar. It's funny now because VW keeps sending me a letter offering me a bunch of money for it. My typical luck.

  • A friend had one of these, and although the interior is very nice and the sound system is beautiful. It's a Sinkhole POS….I'll keep my V50 that I've had for 10 years.

    • The reliability of the Audi was the first concern I had when I saw the pix above, but damn if it isn't a good looking car. However, your vehicle is one that I've definitely had my eyes on – how's that V50 working out? Any issues?

    • I've had it 10 years and 150k. It's not the T5 so it's basic transportation. I wash and wax it once a year in the fall and the only rusty thing is the exhaust which I am currently starting to hear. NE Ohio is not good on cars and at 10 years old they usually are leaving pieces on the ground, but this one is solid underneath. I've had 2 preventive maintenance visits. The first was at 85k for all fluids and the second for timing belt and an air conditioning compressor clutch tightening at 110k. I did the first brakes myself at 110k. At 130k I had a bearing in the front and did some joints and tie rods at the same time along with struts all around. I should be good for another 5 years now less the exhaust maybe.

  • Subaru Forester XT lowered.

    [image src=" subaruforester.org/vbulletin/attachments/f70/150209d1401283256-lowering-sh-forester-options-img_1220.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • A Volvo P2 chassis wagon are fantastic, uber safe and if you stay FWD, they are very reliable. I had an '05 V70 T5, it was decently roomy, tons of trunk space, and sporty. The regular 2.5T is also a good option. Get an '05-07, for the best reliability and cosmetics. Even one with low mileage will be below your budget.


    The V50 wagons are also nice (once again stay FWD), but the V70's look better, are finished nicer, and offer more room.


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