• And yes, it's a great example of a terrible craigslist listing. Is it really an amazing offer? Does it actually have a manual transmission? Why did it get re-painted? Is the driver-side front wheel a spare? Does it have seats? Does it have an engine?

  • Mazda 6 Wagon w/ a 5 Speed:


  • This was the first car I built in high school. My friends dad let us use his garage and his tools. My buddy built a 1969 convertible GTO that he got for $1,200. I traded a rx7 for a beat 1970 Chevelle SS but it had a 396, muncie m22 and 4:11 posi and a flapper hood. Ended up selling it in college for 7 grand. I should have skipped college and kept the car.


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  • kids today – seems like they'd rather have $5000 in a prepaid Uber account – except the unusually bright college boy who snagged a sweet low-mile Saab 900T just as i was arriving to see it last weekend – A+ for you

    • That score was just settled when the DT E-i-C just snagged the car I would have chosen for this matchup , leaving some handsome Beer fundage available for the unused balance of the $5K spending limit! "Here's to Mom and Dad as they're buying the Beer!"

  • For that parent sending their child to a private institution of higher education but still knows that Buffy or Sterling is still going to crash into something during the 6 years it takes them to get their business degree.

    Jag X-type w/ MT

  • Flying under the radar with 20,000 original miles.

    This was my son's college car: Oldest car at Central Michigan University and it was quite the snowmobile for RWD.

  • My mother asked me to pick out a car for my younger sister to take to college in 1985. After much looking we settled on a Jensen Healey. It.was the perfect college car. Nobody would ever ask her to help move from one apartment to another. If a bunch of kids were going on a trip, they never went in her car. Everybody was scared to borrow it after the "only use the choke for 5 seconds on a cold start , and there's a fire extinguisher under the passenger seat" speech. She wasn't likely to drive in bad weather, learned to plan ahead, and she dated much more interesting boys.
    We missed buying a Lotus Seven by about 20 minutes. That would have been even more practical..

  • the best deal out there for cheap, roomy reliable transportation no matter where you are, is a 1991-2000 jeep cherokee with the 4.0 I6. they run forever, get 20 mpg, parts are dirt cheap, and you can do simple things like change the oil, sparkplugs etc yourself with nothing but a $15 walmart tool kit. hell, i had arm surgery a few years a go when i had one of these beasts, and changed the oil with one arm! lol. good 100k mile examples can be found for $2500.

  • A minivan might be best.
    I don't want my kids hot-rodding around. Safety is a consideration.
    Carrying curb couches is handy
    Early 20 somethings often wind up homeless voluntarily or not, I'd want a place for them to stay other than back at the house.
    In the dorm, guys with cars made a bit of cash going home for holidays by selling rides home, 7 passengers could make that profitable.
    Since this is DT, might need to make it interesting, with the mid-engined Previa. Here's one with some minor issues for well under budget:

  • Though a little higher than $5k, I just picked up an '04 Volvo V70R 6-speed for $5,300 as my DD. But I did splurge and buy the extra set of V Pegasus wheels with snows. That puts me at $5,900, and it needs about $500 worth of work for me to be satisfied that it'll keep going for a while. So, for $6,400 total, my 15-soon-to-be-16 year old son will be riding in style… when I let him behind the wheel.

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