• 1957 Chevy short bus chop top with a 454, on 18" and 20" staggered wheels, rat rodded out, and featuring pontoon seats for the whole family and/or "crew." Only $18,500.

  • 3 in front, 4 squished in the back, and room for your passed out buddies in the trunk.
    42000 miles and a great tow vehicle All this for $4495

  • It's gotta be the The Monkeemobile . But I don't think that's for sale.
    So here's an incredibly expensive 69 Pontiac Custom S wagon

    • Hey, if you're gonna party, party hard!
      But seriously, rip the wheel chair lift outta this thing and install a stripper pole. Naughty girls LOVE stripper poles.
      Happy New Years DT! And congrats on another great year filled with awesome automobiles!

  • despite the colour, it looks and smells like a hearse to me! 🙂 Although I love vans for towing and camping, I would not want this thing in my driveway until I take my last trip out! Just a perspective

  • So back to the Caddie…………theres a few of these floating around on the net and back in the early seventies there was a pale yellow one in New Orleans built on a late sixties caddy. This one has a weird rear profile. That stepped roodline looks as if the complete back section of another.maybe Oldsmobile…. was scabbed onto it. But the window is super weird. Looks in better shape on the surface than most you come across. The paddded roof reminds me of elderly men with their pants hitched up to their armpits.

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