• A Pacer time capsule with 22k miles and a DT-esque asking price. *Drops mic, walks away*

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  • I would choose any of these, budget dependent. If I were rich, I'd go for the Rambler or either of the AMXs. If I were looking for a cheaper AMC, I'd go for the 69 Javelin with 34K miles.

  • I tried to delete my comment about the img tag and make it more clear, but somehow my comment got merged with Zach's comment on the 4door eagle. I take FULL responsibility….and have zero idea how that happened.

  • I dont see any AMCs that jump out at me, but in a related matter who can name two automobile manufacturers who started out as refrigerator manufacturers?

    well there is this ebay.com/itm/151551114038

  • The featured 71 Hornet looks okay. The car, however, and its surroundings in the photos, remind me a lot of '80s episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. I don't know why AMC didn't just market a "serial killer" appearance package on some of their vehicles. Mustard yellow. Missing hubcap. Mis-matched tires (you know, just to give the investigators a little something to go on). Probably would have sold a few.

    • JB1025, you're right. A 232 145 hp I-6 does not a "Muscle Car" make, "Unique" or otherwise. Somebody went a little overboard with the writeup. I suppose they should have written "Muscle Car Looks" and focused on the low miles and condition. That all being said, there can't be too many of the 40,000 or so produced left and the I-6 did get pretty good mileage.

    • Was not ragging on you just the AD and that AMX was about 20k high you should be able to find a super nice one for the money there asking. AMC is one of the cheap ways to get a muscle car.

  • Fastest car wash in town !

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