• The pea green '75 Volvo 245 is still on offer if you dare, Vince… just come over one weekend, help me replace the steering rack and perform a tape measure alignment, and it should be GTG.

    [image src=" i.imgur.com/OYCVigdl.jpg" width="400px"/]

    [image src=" i.imgur.com/1yNmeqgl.jpg" width="400px"/]

    • Those wheel covers, for anyone trying to figure them out…1978 Toyota Corona Luxury Edition. (Daily Drove one as a demo in 1978 and just instantly recognized them)

    • If I came home with another unannounced cheap Saab purchase, I'm pretty sure I'd end up fertilizing my wife's flower garden. But….

  • I daily drove a Milano for 3 years. It only failed me once, when the plenum popped off because I made the mistake of depressing the throttle while starting

    • This is the kind of data I need! According to google statistics, "plenum pop" is the third most googled phrase by Alfa Romeo Milano owners.

    • Replacing the flex-disc is an unfortunate reality of Milano life, not complicated but time consuming. The ARCs are a complete crap-shoot, some work fine and others not at all. Mine's ARC worked properly as long as the temperature outside was above freezing

    • Awesome! I am looking for something like that up here, but the tin worms have had their way with most of them. That one you posted has had SVT treatment (there were no SVT wagons that I know off….). Really nice!

  • 85 Porsche 944 – $1399

    The only problem (not diagnosed) is there's a little noise (coming from the back kind of)
    I have heard bushings or transmission but i ain't no car expert.
    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/00n0n_fa1Ei1Us43L_600x450.jpg" width="300px"/]

    • It rains about 4 days out of each decade here in LA…but somehow a few of the people here managed to ONLY have pics of their car in the rain. Coincidence, incompetence, or wet-paint-masks-clearcoat-flaws?

  • 42 comments and not a one to right the poster’s completely inexcusable classic rock faux pas??

    The quoted lyric and song title was by Journey, not Foreigner, padawan.

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