• for the lazy, that's an 09 Pontiac G8 for $10k

      [image src=" images.craigslist.org/00R0R_crcHzQOSKB7_600x450.jpg" width="200px"/]

  • Bought a D3 A8L in November for $3800, it is one of my favorite car purchases yet and a true land yacht. Heated/Cooled/Massaging seats are not bad either. Lots of car for the money
    Low Miles

    • i was looking for a D1 A/S8 with a stick for like 6 months – the only one for sale that whole time had 300k miles and was ongepotchket with mods – feh

  • It's at the top of your budget (before negotiation of course), but it checks off all the boxes + it's got good miles for a 2011 model:

    – V8 (5.0 385hp)
    – Auto tranny
    – Long wheel base for room

    2011 Jaguar XJL – 50k miles – $15k

    • That's a great suggestion and not too hard to find either.

      The Jag above would be nice, but talk about saving some coin…

    • And according to the ad, that Lexus LS 400 is a rare front-wheel drive model! (Still a good deal, ignoring the typo).

  • despite very similar predilections, i am not dave – we are distinguishable by the slush/stick requirement, and my harsh, dry-throated warble usually heard in the late evening from under a pile of tax forms

    with my roadmaster gone, an E32 was my first choice, but in more than 6 months of looking not one decent example appeared – A/S8 was an option as mentioned above, as was the 3-years-only X300 XJ6, the Citroen C6, and the Vauxhall Senator 3.0 L

    i finally did get something, and it wasn't what i expected – will write that all up one of these days

  • I know the newer generation of these have a lot going for them (switch to rwd, more mainstream stying) but i have a huge soft spot for the 2002-2004 version Infiniti M45

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