• What about a 2004 645ci?

    Or a 2003 M3?

    Best of all, a 2000 911 that gives itself a steam bath! WARNING: The seller will keep it if they don't sell it(Is there any other option?)

    • Link: classicmotorsdc.com/2008-MercedesBenz-SClass/Used-Car/NorthBethesda-MD/5538766/Details.aspx Sorry, still working on the link thing.

  • Why not a BMW E46 convertible or even a Volvo C70 (either generation)? Seems like those cars would be more affordable in terms of ownership costs, and just as roomy in the back seat. You lose the "prestige" factor but you pick up a stick shift option in both cases.

    XK8 styling is a win, but don't you have to be at least 55+ to drive one?

  • Saab 9-3 convertible? Even the newest ones must be depreciated to a buck three eighty by now. Might even find one with a stick.

    • I have a 9-3 vert. It is the 1st gen 9-3 and the back seat is actually big enough for adults. The trunk is also functional with the top up. The 2004+ 9-3 is a better car, even if it is more GM and less Saab. There is one huge problem with 4 seat convertibles though: being in the back is incredibly windy. I never minded it as a kid, but kids these days like vans with theaters in the back.

  • I had an e46 M3 vert for a fun car. Held my two kids nicely in the back seat, the trunk is huge, it was more reliable than my wife's Acura, and with the 6 speed, your car has God's own powertrain. They aren't commanding the premium that their coupe variants are, so nice ones are available at the 12-13k pricepoint. (As for the XK8, he wanted a BIGGER backseat than the Mini, not smaller!)

    • Concur on the back seat of the XK8. I have a friend with an XK8, and when his kids got big enough that they wouldn't fit comfortably in back of the XK8, he bought a Mini.

  • I have a '05 XKR. The '01 XK8 at $12K is a bit high cost for the year, engine (pre-4.2 and non-S/C) and mileage. The cars take a bit of jump from '02 to '03 with the larger engine and other changes. Also, unless you are vertically challenged and pull the seats way up, as mentioned above, the rear seats are vestigial, maybe slightly less of a joke than a 911's, but nearly as funny. To give you an idea, I bought my '05 coupe a year ago from a private party for $18K with 62K miles. It's been quite reliable too. Many, many, many low mileage XK8s. They were usually purchased as second cars.

    A friend of mine had a CLK 500 and then now a BMW 650. Electrical gremlins, including warning lights, have (Panzer) and are (BMW) driving him crazy and he's quite interested in getting a X100 era XKR.

  • i have a 2004 XK8 with about 53k miles on it – I think I could get about $18k for it – as for the back seat, I'm 5'10" and with the driver's seat adjusted properly there is literally no foot room behind me – forget it with children or in my case grandchildren – and yes, Johnny, I'm over 55 and really enjoying this car
    BTW another suggestion would be an older E320 from '94 or '95 . I have one of these too and the backseat is a squeeze but doable even for adults around town.

  • Need more criteria other than four-seater convertible; what is the acceptable age and mileage of the target vehicle, what are the acceptable maintenance costs and budget range at the absolute minimum? Otherwise, it’s a ridiculous search that will cause countless “stream of consciousness” posts from me. And nobody wants that. I mean, for goshsakes you’re talking first gen Bronco, Audi Coupe, Pontiac G6, VW Thing, Toyota Solara, Cam-bird, Lincoln Continental, Bentley…that’s a crazy, unrealistic array of cars and otherwise just random dart throwing. Can we get more details from Mike, please?

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  • Thanks for the insights on the XK8 Peter R and Anonymous (as well as the other suggestions from others). While I do not quite yet have my AARP card, I do like the looks of the XK, though the insight on unusable rear seats (I'm 6'2") defeats that part of my strategy.

  • I don't mean to insult Mike, but this has all the signs of someone who isn't serious about purchasing a new/used car. Or he already knows what he wants and he's just throwing this out there with no particular interest. Again, my apologies. I'm not trying to flame him in any way.

    • If you're looking for a ROI on time invested for these (monetary or otherwise), you're in trouble. I can only think of one person (the limo guy) who actually seriously tried to track down the suggestions that were provided (and that was an awesome surprise). Rather, look at these requests as providing creative direction for ways in which to spend your work time while on dull conference calls—it works for me.

    • No question, FTB. As K2MC commented, Mike provided us with so little detail that it's utterly ridiculous and a wild goose chase. On top of that, Mike didn't respond to a direct request for more specifics moments after that request had been submitted. I'd be thrilled to be wrong and I hope I am.

    • I have been considering replacing the Mini convertible for awhile and have followed the CLK and XK8 prices as they seem to be interesting replacements that have experienced high deprecation I have followed up on the suggestions offered, and I had not been considering some of the Mini's bigger sibs in the BMW family and they also look interesting. What I was looking for initially was insights on the owner satisfaction with the CLK and XK8 (good information on rear seat usability already), though the other suggestions are causing some re-thought as well. Am I serious about buying a car? Not today, as I can't even get the Mini out of the garage due to snow….

      Thanks for the comments so far!

    • There's your answer folks. That's okay, Mike. Hopefully, you got the answers you were looking for.

      I'll propose the following hypothetical specs, then. "A guy" wants a 4-seater convertible with a price range of $7K to $9K. He likes a rather swag badge; that's important to him. A Toyota or American nameplate ain't gonna cut it (so forget a Mustang). He'd like something newer than 2000 and concerns about maintenance costs are not a high priority. The back seat has to fit actual humans, so no SC430. Miles need to be under 120,000. If it's AWD or FWD, he can drive it longer year-round because he lives where it snows.

    • Pretty good take K2 Mystery Car. Nothing against a Mustang or Camaro, just intrigued by a perceived greater value from depreciation on the swag-mobiles. Newer than 2000 is pretty good target, and I have been living with Mini maintenance costs, so I am ready for some expenses, but nothing too excessive on that front.

      No need for AWD/FWD as the diesel Liberty and F250 handle those chores.

    • Okay, then the only cars I'd probably add to the mix would be the Audi A4 and VW Eos, Cabrio and New Beetle. I seems like most of the other bases have been covered. Personally, I'd run away from anything German, but that's just me. I'm cheap and I hate high maintenance costs.

      None of these cars are going to have an enormous back seat. Here's a great example of what's out there:

      2003 Audi A4 V6

      [img] images.craigslist.org/00Q0Q_lFNJCpmqYUQ_600x450.jpg[/img]

      Considering American and Japanese brands would greatly expand your options and could be a lot more fun.

  • I recently saw a mid 90's E class Mercedes convertible with I6, lovely car from Washington state on e-Bay by CA dealer for under $10K. I love those cars for their simple but quality style and taste. Much better than the new ones. Saw on totalled and driven into "the Wall" movie and I thought what a shame…G in TO

  • Don't forget the 3000gt VR4. AWD, hideously complicated twin turbo V6, folding hardtop so no freezing flapping canvas in the winter. Think you could get them in manual?

    For my dollars its going to be the XKR / Audi S4V8timingchainnightmare.

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