• European group "Within Temptation" uses a video of an early Mercury Cougar for their concert tours of their song FASTER
    Play this song on the freeway and just try to keep it under the speed limit !

  • Bidding has ended on this item, but it's so hard to find one of these for sale, I'll submit it anyway. This 1948 Buick Hearse is the same car that inspired Neil Young to write the song "Long May You Run". Before he was famous, his mom bought it for him to carry him and his young band around to gigs, and it was nicknamed "Mort". They had to abandon it in a hotel parking lot when it blew up on them between gigs.

    • I find Neil's anti-Keystone XL/oil sands stance, uh, interesting, given his longstanding affinity with the motoring world. He even recently came out with a new book, Special Deluxe, A Memoir About Life and Cars. They don't exactly run on butterfly farts. Or maybe they do, but only in Winnipeg and NoCal.

    • @ANCMatt….I received that book for Christmas and I'm almost through with it. What's really annoying is that throughout the book, when he recounts a road trip, he quotes how many "pounds of CO2" he put into the air. C'est la vie—-when it comes to the arts, I've found I typically have to separate my opinions of some of my favorite artists' personal politics from my enjoyment of their talents.

  • when i saw the car on the beach, i thought please dont be from houston. i had flashbacks of going to the beach to fish on the wrong week one spring, cars stopped in the left lane of the highway with trunks popped and occupants standing around. not stopped for traffic as normal folks were forced to drive around the party using the shoulder.

    the song is clearly:

    trust me im from texas

  • All that work, and you still have a front-wheel-drive Impala you could get from Hertz. I bet you could look pretty cool trying to get out of those doors. But I suppose this makes as much sense to most people as spending time and money to restore an old '70s euro pile… my glass house won't withstand too many stone throws.

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