• If you're reasonably well-off it's a GMT800 Suburban/Tahoe. These things will be around forever.

    If you're squinting at your credit-card bills, the previous generation (but if you can't afford to work on it yourself, sell the place).

  • Depends on how much you're going to allocate to mouse-proof it. I'd pass on a rag-top Jeep as they're not much fun after they've been sitting outside in the winter. If its for a northern (read-salty) location, I'd start with buying something from a dry state and driving it up there. I'd echo the Suburban Tahoe for utility of hauling tons of people/ski's/lake-crud, but I tend to go for the 'forgotten ones' when looking for cheap transportation. I'd look for the lowest Mileage AWD 7-seater 2006 Ford Freestyle SEL with leather than I could find.

  • Anyone with a ski chalet can't go wrong with a Model X. Plug in and leave, AWD, and you can show your Aspen Elite that you're super into the environment!

  • How about a crusty old pickup?

    1979 F150 Super Cab for $3,500 in Lynden, WA

    [image src=" images.craigslist.org/01414_2YyJpQoVq6z_1200x900.jpg" width="400px"/]

  • Land Rover Defender. Not those expensive NAS 94, 95, or 97s, but the more spartan 80s you can bring over from Europe for much less under the 25y rule. Sure it probably won't start, will be rusty, and expensive to repair, but you'll be the only one up at the lake with one…

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